Ultimate Naruto Ninja Crusade (Naru Uzumaki)03:03

Ultimate Naruto Ninja Crusade (Naru Uzumaki)

Demonstration of Battle of Valley of the End (Normal Difficulty)

Please note that this is just my amateur attempt at a page and it is only basic information to display until the official page is complete.

Ninja Crusade is a game mode where ninjas join together in maximum teams of 3 to beat waves of enemies from specific events in the Naruto series. 


There are multiple types of battles to be fought, ranging from the Lv.40 Konoha Destruction Plan to the Lv.140 Five Kage Summit. Eventhough it shows only the main character in the fight, it is the entire team hidden in your main character. When with your team of 3, it can have any type of main ninja (Tai, Gen, and Nin). If you are struggling to gather a team with 3 people, you can do it alone, or with only 1 other person. You can always click the "invite" button and invite peoples shadow clones. You can also click the "world invite" button at the bottom of the "invite" pop-up which will send a message to the entire server asking them to join you.


Once you start the battle you may notice that all of your battle points from your current formation is in just your main character, but the same can be said for your opponent who has an automatically generated team of 5 that doesn't take part. Rather than following the usual fury system, you attack normally and then you use your skill once every cycle. There are 6 opponents in each battle so there is a maximum of 6 battles for you to either spectate or skip (does not cost skip card even for free users). Once the battle is complete you will recieve Spar, Silver cards from level 2-5, an accessory, accessory upgrading items and a set amount of exp.


Accessories are some of the rewards you earn from winning each battle of Ninja Crusade and each boost a stat by a certain amount. There are accessories for Force are Headwear and necklace, for Chakra it's Jade Pendant and Amulet, for Agility it's bracelet and bracelt and for Power it's glove and ring. The more challenging the battle you challenge the better quality of accessory you will recieve. Each time your pair up accessories of the same set and stat boost you get buffs. For force set your teams stun rate increases, for Chakra your likeliness to be stunned decreases, for Agility your teams fury reduction rates are boosted and for Power your percentage of fury lost by opponent skills decreases. The set on the left hand side of the accessories page is recieved from the normal difficulty and the right side is from hard. You can fortify materials, A Forge the equipment to the next stage and transfer the materials to the required materials for the next highest stage. [Feel free to add anything from here PM me for any major changes though]

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