Ninja Hotel Small Grid

Ninja Hotel - an implementation of September 17, 2014 update. It offers more Space to Store owned Ninjas.

  • Ninja Hotel unlocks once the player reach Lv.20.
  • Ninja Hotel allows you to store ninjas you might want to keep but not have in your team.
  • Once you remove a ninja from your team he/she will automatically be moved to the ninja hotel.
  • When a ninja is in the hotel you can either have them rejoin your team for gold/coupons based on the color of the ninja, or dismiss them and get 20% of the cost for the ninja back (Tavern ninjas only). Example you recruit Hashirama Senju for 2000 Gold Souls if you dismiss him you will get 400 Gold Souls back.
  • The hotel will start with 5 slots as you level up you will unlock more slots, each 10 level will grant you one additional slot up til Lv.110. VIP will also give you additional slots.

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