Ninja Treasure Icon
Ninja Treasure is a recurring event where players can participate and win different treasures! There are 2 tabs in the Ninja Treasure:
  • Lucky Draw - This tab is available to all users, Free of VIP; provides regular rewards
  • Gold Lucky Draw - This tab is for VIP players exclusive. Rewards in here are higher in rarity, has no draw cooldown but requires 100 gold per draw. There is a 10x Draw and a 50x Draw in here, all cost 100 gold each.

Event Rules

Every day (event duration only), the player have 1 Lucky Draw chance. The indicator will hover above the rewards in a clockwise motion, then stops at random. The player will received any item(s) on the square where the indicator stopped. After the initial draw, player must then wait for 30 minutes in order to draw again. The player must remain online for 30 minutes in order to draw. If at any time, before the 30-minute timer reach 0, the player is disconnected or the player refreshes the page, the timer will revert to 30 minutes again.

Every Lucky Draw corresponds to 5 draw points. When the draw points reach 100, the player is then entitle to a Secret Lucky Draw. Secret Lucky Draw has rarer rewards (applicable to both Lucky Draw and Gold Lucky Draw)

Ninja Treasure and Points Exchange

Below are the various items and Special Ninjas available for points exchange grouped per Ninja Treasure season. Hover mouse to an item to see description and/or contents.

Lv.4 Silver Card Jade Box 1 Jade Box 2 Lv.5 Silver Card S Weapon Enhance Talisman
Large EXP Scroll Jade Box 5 Hokage Proof Lv.6 Silver Card
Lv. 1 Prestige Chest Advanced Material Chest Treasure Draw S Weapon Enhance Talisman Jade Box 3
Lv.1 S.Ability Chest Lv.3 Jade Pack Epic EXP Scroll Lv.8 Silver Card
Lv.1 Jade Pack Common Material Chest Advanced Material Chest Treasure Talisman Channeling Scroll

Channeling Scroll Lv.1 S.Ability Chest Lv. 10 Silver Card Jade Box 4 Mega Fury Jade
Lv. 1 Prestige Chest Lv.1 S.Ability Chest Hokage Proof S Weapon Enhance Talisman
Jade Box 5 Lv.4 Jade Pack Treasure Draw Lv. 1 Prestige Chest Golden Ninja Soul Chest
Treasure Talisman Golden Ninja Soul Chest Jade Box 5 Epic EXP Scroll
Soul Cutter Lv.1 Purple Ninja Soul Chest Channeling Scroll Lv.1 Jade Pack Advanced Material Chest

Cursed Sasuke Icon Red Gourd Banana Fan Yata Mirror Demon Blade Treasure Box VIII Treasure Box VII
400 points 150 points 150 points 150 points 150 points 120 points 60 points
Treasure Box VI Treasure Box V Jade Box 6 Jade Box 5 Jade Box 4 S Weapon Enhance Talisman Treasure Talisman
30 points 12 points  points 120 points  points  points 1 points

Common Material Chest Treasure Talisman Jade Box 1 Lv.7 Silver Card S Weapon Enhance Talisman
Advanced EXP Scroll Jade Box 4 Socket Jade Lv.1 S.Ability Chest
Lv. 1 Prestige Chest Advanced Potency Pill Treasure Draw S Weapon Enhance Talisman Lv.6 Silver Card
Lv.5 Silver Card Lv.3 Jade Pack Colorful Spar Jade Box 2
Lv.1 Jade Pack Big Potency Pill Large EXP Scroll Leap Rune Stone Channeling Scroll

Nether Gourd Lv.10 Silver Card Big Potency Pill Jade Box 4 Mega Fury Jade
Jade Box 3 Colorful Spar General Recruit Proof Lv.1 Jade Pack
S Weapon Enhance Talisman Lv.4 Jade Pack Treasure Draw Super Potency Pill Colorful Spar
Channeling Scroll S Weapon Enhance Talisman Socket Jade Advanced Potency Pill
Epic Fury Jade Super Potency Pill Soul Refining Pill Treasure Talisman Ghost Fan

Minato & Kushina Icon Deidara & Sasori Icon Madara & Obito Icon Naruto & Hinata Icon Reanimated Hiruzen Icon Sand Burial Gaara Icon Uchiha Shin Icon
740 points 700 points 680 points 660 points 610 points 500 points 460 points
Rashomon Orochimaru Icon Otsutsuki Hamura Icon Indra Sasuke Icon Kushina Uzumaki Icon Three Eyed Madara Icon Susanoo Kakashi Icon Shisui the Teleporter Icon
400 points 360 points 300 points 290 points 260 points 240 points 220 points
Six Paths Madara Icon Yagura Icon 10-Tailed Obito Icon Warm Hinata Icon Star Sakura Icon Reanimated Madara Icon Uchiha Madara Icon
210 points 100 points 200 points 130 points 120 points 150 points 90 points
Cool Hinata Icon Cursed Seal Sasuke Icon Ice Treasure Ghost Jewellery Angel Treasure Akatsuki's Jewellery Akatsuki's Treasure
90 points 80 points 10 points 10 points 10 points 10 points 10 points
Orange Equipment Box S.Weapon Box Weak EXP Book Socket Jade Basic Fury Jade Jade Box 6 Jade Box 5
60 points 80 points 1 points 5 points 5 points 6 points 4 points
Jade Box 4 S Weapon Enhance Talisman Treasure Talisman Channeling Scroll Akatsuki Kunai Akatsuki Shuriken Akatsuki Scroll
2 points 2 points 1 points 1 points 210 points 210 points 210 points
Akatsuki Headband Akatsuki Armor Akatsuki Coat Akatsuki Boots Akatsuki Belt Akatsuki Headwear Akatsuki Pendant
150 points 150 points 170 points 210 points 170 points 130 points 170 points
Akatsuki Gloves Akatsuki Necklace Akatsuki Amulet Akatsuki Handchain Akatsuki Ring Akatsuki Bracelet
170 points 150 points 130 points 170 points 170 points 150 points

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