Tavern Purple Souls

This is the 2nd currency you will be introduced to in the tavern. It is available from level 1 and used until level 80. You can obtain this currency from playing Purple Soul Janken and getting top-up. You can only gain access to these currency if you are VIP 1 at minimum.

Recruits Ninjas

These are the ninjas that you can recruit with this currency

Purple soul janken
  1. Rock Lee
  2. Asuma
  3. Shikamaru
  4. Sakura
  5. Maito Gai
  6. Kimimaro
  7. Mifune
  8. Haku
  9. Karin
  10. Darui
  11. Hanzō
  12. Danzō

Upgrades Ninjas

You also require this soul when upgraded these ninjas

For more information on recruiting ninjas please look at Tavern and The Ninja Club.

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