4th Raikage Grid
Raikage4 team

The Fourth Raikage who is a tall and tough man with mustache. Killer B's brother. His fighting style is a combination of Taijutsu and ninjutsu to form the powerful nintaijutsu.


Type - Ninjutsu

Weapon - Shuriken

Formation - Assaulter

Force - 200 (Growth: 3.2)

Agility - 200 (Growth: 2.9)

Chakra - 200 (Growth: 2.6)

Health - 400 (Growth: 2.8)


Morality Increases a certain Force by percent, naturally has 5% Avoid-Injury Rate. (15% Force)
Thunder Axe Attack enemy assaulter, growing rate 135%, recover Fury by 100 points.


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