What is reincarnation?

Once the Main Character reaches Lv. 120 and the potency reaches Lv. 100, you are able to conduct reincarnation for the first time. After Reincarnating the Main character will receive a completely new look, as well as a ton of new features exclusive to characters above RI 1.

Other ninja are only allowed to use reincarnation after the main character has conducted reincarnation to the corresponding Reincarnation Level.

When a character has reached the requirements to Reincarnate the player can Reincarnate under Potency Advance. After RI the character will obtain an additional reborn talent (this means on top of an existing talent, another one will be added). Experience required to level up will be reduced dramatically to help players increase your battle strength.

If a ninja is above the required level when reincarnating they will receive a higher level after reincarnation.

Short Overview

Ri 1 Requires: 120 100 50
Ri 2 Requires: Ri 1 Lv.50 Ri 1 Lv.50 100
Ri 3 Requires: Ri 2 Lv.50 Ri 2 Lv.50 100

Reincarnation Material

Feather Crystal

Feather Crystal

Required LV: 100

Description: Used for Ninja Reincarnation 1 & 2


  • Mall (100-120 gold/coupons)
  • Check-In (10 Check In Points)
  • Kaguya Power Lv.6 Gift Pack (6000 Gold. contains 50)

Ancient Stone

Ancient Stone

Required LV: 120

Description: Used for Ninja Reincarnation 3


  • Mall (200-240 gold/coupons)