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What is reincarnation?Edit

Once the character level reaches lv120 and the potency level reaches lv100, you are able to conduct reincarnation for the first time.

The character level will drop to lv50 after reincarnation and if the potency level reaches lv50 after the first reincarnation, you can conduct reincarnation for the second time.

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 Other ninja only allowed to use reincarnation after the main character has conducted reincarnation at least once.The strenght is the same after reincarnation at any level and the attributes will not have any changes despite being reborn at a different level.

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When the level of character reached LV120 and the level of potential reached LV100, player can reborn in potential interface, the growth rate of potential after reborn will increase substantially and players will obtain additional reborn talent(this means on top of an exsisting talent, such as genius, another one will be created). Character will obtain  a  new appearance, skill, summon, jinchuriki, senjutsu and potential will unlock new level after reborn. Experience adjustment will reduce dramatically to help players increase your battle strength.

 Ninja whose level surpass LV120 after reincarnation will need the same amount of experience at the respective level after reincarnation.

Short OverviewEdit

If you Reincarnate after Lvl 120, the Exp since Lvl 120 will be added to your R1-Lvl ( may not R1-0, maybe R1-Lvl 6)

Reincarnation 1 required:
Main-Lvl 120 Potency-Lvl 100 R-Material 50
after Reincarnation 1:
Main-Lvl R1-0+x Potency-Lvl R1-0 R-Material  ?
Reincarnation 2 required:
Main-Lvl R1-50 Potency-Lvl R1-50 R-Material 100

Reincarnation MaterialEdit

Reinc mat

Feathered Ice Crystal

Required LV: 100

Description: Used for Ninja Reincarnation


  • Mall (~100-120 gold/coupons)
  • Check-In (10 Check In Points)
  • Kaguya Power Lvl 6 Gift Pack (6000 Gold. contains 50)

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