Road to Hokage Icon
As part of the February (Game) Update, a new game feature is implemented: Road to Hokage. This feature is like the Daily Task with a little complexity.

Like the daily task, completion of tasks is required in order to activate and claim rewards. Apart from the daily task, some activities here requires multiple completion of missions, trials, or realms, acquirement of items or equipment, boosting of summon, upgrading S. Weapons, purchase or use of gold/coupons, check-ins, S. Ability upgrades and many more. Apart from the daily task, also, is the variety of rewards given after completing a particular task. The rewards vary from silvers to coupons, direct exp to EXP Scrolls, S. Weapons, jade boxes and other various game items and valuables.

Road to Hokage, depicted by the Hokage's hat icon, is located in the Functions Menu.
Clicking it will show a window entitled "Hokage Path" which is subdivided into two tabs:

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