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This feature was added into the game 11th of the December 2015

The Sage Heirloom is available after your main character reach 1 RI Lv.1 (its icon will appear in the Functions menu).
It is one of the many "crafting" functions, which can be described as "Legend of Oracles for Accessories".

Simply said, you can collect crafting material as reward from fighting in some stages and create your new Accessory set from it.

Game Help:
Sage Heirloom help

There are 4 important folders in the main screen - Instance Stage, Forge, Fortify Heirloom and Adv. Forge Heirloom.

Instance Stage

Sage Heirloom

There are 2 stages for you, both with 8 challenges. Access to them depends on your main ninja RI lvl.

  • Ryuchi Cave = accessible from 1 RI Lv.1
  • Shikkotsu Forest = accessible from 2 RI Lv.1

Winning the challenges in selected stage rewards you with special kind of Spar and material needed for crafting the Heirloom Accessory pieces.

Visit Sage Heirloom Guide to see detail info about each challange.


Forge Sage
Forge Oracle

Here you can create Heirloom Accessory pieces from material which you already collected.
There are 2 full sets of Accessories available, Sage Heirloom contains Hermit Accessories usable by 1 RI ninjas, Oracle Heirloom contains Oracle Accessories usable by 2 RI ninjas.
It works in very same way as classic MakeEquip option in Fortify feture so just choose which Accessory piece you want to craft and you can have it as many times as you want, supposing you have enough material for it.

To see stats of each Accessory piece and even the set bonuses, check Hermit and Oracle folders in Accesory List.

Fortify Heirloom

Fortify Heirloom

Here you can raise level (which directly means raising its stats) of your Heirloom Accessory pieces in same way how you do it with normal Accessories.

Adv. Forge Heirloom

Adv. Forge Heirloom

Here you can upgrade quality (which will provide some bonus to its stats) of your Heirloom Accessory pieces in same way how you do it with normal Accessories. Level of the Accessory piece will stay the same.

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