Sai Small Grid

Sai is the replacement of Sasuke who betrayed Konoha Village in team 7. Being an orphan, he was taken to the organisation Root and trained to be an emotionless killer.




Type Genjutsu Formation Support
Force 200 Growth: 2.1 Chakra 350 Growth: 3.2
Agility 300 Growth: 2.5 Power 450 Growth: 3.1
Talent Root Man
Increases Chakra and Crit Rate by percent.
Skill Ninja Art·Goemon Super...
Attack all enemies, growing rate 140%, increase all allies' Damage Rate by 10% for 3 rounds and restore caster's Fury by 25 points.
Damage 100% Avoid-Injury 0%
Hit 117.5% S.Atk 0% Dodge 1.6% Block 1%
Crit 16.1% Knock 3.3% Counter 0% Immune 0%


Sai Grid
Sai - UE
Sai -skill (UN)


  • Redeem him for 20000 badges from Top Tournament-Shop
  • Use at Lv.70, but Sai starts at Lv.60.

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