The Second Tsuchikage Small Grid

The Third Tsuchikage's master who can control wind, fire and earth chakra and merges them into Dust Release which is an advanced version of Kekkei Genkai.




Type Taijutsu Formation Assaulter
Force 1400 Growth: 4.7 Chakra 800 Growth: 4.1
Agility 800 Growth: 4.0 Power 4500 Growth: 4.3
Talent Kekkei Tota
Increases Force by a large percent, possesses 15% speed by nature.
Skill Atomic Dismantling
Attack enemy's assaulter and support, growth rate 200%, Keeps recovering your support HP for 3 rounds (with 70% recovery rate) and reduces damage from enemy assaulter and support by 20% for 3 rounds.
Damage 108% Avoid-Injury 0%
Hit 117.7% S.Atk 0% Dodge 0.9% Block 1%
Crit 6% Knock 0% Counter 0% Immune 0%


Caution! - "Use at Lv." does not mean -> Lv.100 after redeem -> he will be Lv.80


The Second Tsuchikage -skill (UN)

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