Tobirama Grid
Tobirama team
The Second Hokage, Senju clan, Hashirama Senju's brother, Sarutobi Hiruzen's master, Tsunade's great uncle, Tobirama Senju is the founder of reincarnation. He has white hair and he is very out-going. He is good at water release, even without water, he can release high-level water skills.


Type - Genjutsu

Weapon - Scroll

Formation - Support

Force - 200 (Growth: 2.6)

Agility - 200 (Growth: 2.9)

Chakra - 200 (Growth: 3.2)

Health - 400 (Growth: 2.8)


Justice Increases a certain Agility by percent, naturally has 5% Avoid-Injury Rate. (15% Agility)
Hardened Water Drill Attack enemy assaulter, growing rate 130%, decrease enemy's Fury by 50 points. There's a big chance to control the enemy for 3 rounds. Controlling rate is based on level difference.


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