Server Merge Pack
Server Merge Pack
is a pack (contains items usually found in the game) given during a server merge as compensation.

Event Duration

Merger Time:
02:00 am - 06:00 am(CST), Feb.14, 2014

Item Claim:
Collect Pack Icon

A Collect Pack Icon will appear after the merge is finished.
Click the icon Merge Pack icon will appear.

Item Description

A yellow and red round box with a cute red ribbon, orbs of light are floating around it, and a yellow aura surrounding it.

Pack contains the following items:

Items Amount

100 points
Lv.1 Silver Card

Lv. 1 Silver Card
100 pcs
Channeling Scroll

Chanelling Scroll
10 pcs
Treasure Talisman

Treasure Talisman
10 pcs
S Weapon Enhance Talisman

S Weapon Enhance Talisman
1 pc
Jade Box 1

Lv. 1 Jade Box
5 pcs

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