Six path Arcanum Frame
Six-Path Arcanum

Six-Paths Arcanum is a new Function implemented as part of the Augusts 12, 2014 (Beijing Time 1:00PM) update. Six-path Arcanum is available to players Lv. 100 and up.

Three (3) challenges are available for the player. Winning a stage allows player to unlock the next one. Player can challenge as long as they win. If the player lose, a challenge is deducted. If all challenge chances are consumed, the player will have to wait for the next server reset to try again.

SPA Stage 1-6

SPA Stage 7-12

SPA Stage 13-21

Six Paths Arcanum 22-30

SPA Bottom


There are two new game items introduced in Six-Path Arcanum:

Jinchuuriki Practice Pill
Jinchuuriki Practice Pill
Drops from normal stages of the Six-Path Arcanum.
Use this item to boost Jinchuuriki Level.
Jinchuuriki Promotion Pill
Jinchuuriki Prommotion Pill
Drops from boss stages of the Six-Path Arcanum.
Use this item used to promote Jinchuuriki.