Soul Refining Pills are used to Refine the Summon Beast. It will give all Ninjas pvp stat bonuses.

The stats are only for Arena,Konoha Conquest,Konoha Defense,Rebellers Attack, and Suppress beast in game events.


One practice costs 10 coupons/gold or 1 Soul Refining Pill, has a chance to S crt that gives 10x XP, and L Crt that gives directly 1 entire level.

Screenshot 79

Refine all takes all the pills you have at once and uses them, you can however input the amount you want manually each time.

Screenshot 80

Refine Grade

The Grade of your Refine and your tailed summon determines the stats, the higher the grade and summon the higher the boost. Maximum percentage boost is 94%

Screenshot 77v2
Screenshot 78

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