As part of the April update, 03:00 am, Apr. 10, 2014(CDT, server time), Spiritual Beast interface was implemented. Spiritual beast is also the optimization of the Pets given during the Valentine's Special event. Now,  players can purchase pet eggs from Mall, raise, arrange them in their very own formation and evolve them into powerful allies. These pets can aid players in their battle. More to this, players can bring with them up to 5 pets for better boost. In the future, players can even have contract with them.

Spiritual Beast interface is divided into 4 tabs. Click tabs for details.

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Spiritual Beast
  • Raise
  • Evolve

Spiritual Beast Header

Spiritual Formation Trim

Now, our beloved cutie allies can have their very own positions in the channeling array where they can, of course, channel their powers to boost the team. Spiritual formation consists of 5 positions. One position for the host pet and 4 for the support pets. The fourth slot for support, however, requires VIP 7 to unlock.

Bonus Stats

Bonus stats are the stats pets channels to every ninja in the formation. Bonus stats are displayed on the right corner of the tab. Bonus stats are the total stats of the host pet (100%) + the support pet(s)'s stats (~%).

Stats boosted are: P.Atk, P.Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Speed, and HP.

Support pets stats are computed in percentage depending on the number of pets in the channeling array. To wit:
  • 1 support pet = 20% bonus stats
  • 2 support pets = 25% bonus stats
  • 3 support pets = 30% bonus stats
  • 4 support pets = 40% bonus stats

Spirtual Beast Trim

Spiritual Beast tab displays the pet's picture and pet's profile. Bonus stats are also displayed in the right part of the tab. Pet's name is also displayed together with the pet's position in the channeling array. Found also in this tab are three command buttons: Follow, Abandon and Profile.

Follow button displays on and off the host pet. When on, the egg or the pet is displayed and is visible floating beside the Main character's avatar on the village interface. When off, the egg or the pet is not visible in the village interface but the bonus stats are still on function.
Abandon button discards the selected pet and is gone forever. Pets on raise mode (training mode) cannot be discarded.
Profile button displays the pet's description which contains various information about the pet. This is much like a flavor text.

For list of pet, with their flavor texts, please check here.

Raise Trim

Raise Mode or training mode is the only source of EXP for pets to level up. Raising pet to designated level enables the pet to evolve into its next form.

Below are the Raise Mode types and the EXP each of it provides.

Common Training
EXP gained: 800 Silver consumed: 10,000
Training Time: 8 hours
20 Gold
40 Gold
80 Gold
Advanced Training
EXP gained: 1,200 Silver consumed: 20,000
Training Time: 12 hours
30 Gold
50 Gold
100 Gold
Epic Training
EXP gained: 1,600 Silver consumed: 40,000
Training Time: 16 hours
45 Gold
90 Gold
180 Gold

Choosing any of the 3 types of Raise Mode will turn off the other types. Players will have up to 4 breed slots, 3 of which is given free, the fourth 1 requires 200 gold or coupons to unlock and be usable. Breed slots can have different raise mode types provided players fulfill the raise requirements.

When Raise Mode is cancelled anytime, the pet will obtain the current EXP obtained during the consumed hours, but the silver or coupon/gold used for the training will not be refunded.

Evolve Trim

Evolution is next step for our pets. They not only transform from being a white rounded thing to adorable creatures, they also have the opportunity to change rank. Changing ranks means increase in the Bonus stats.

Once the pet hit the required level, they can no longer be raised and must evolve. Evolution, though, is random with higher chances of evolving to low rank pets.

Evolve tab consists of the following sections: Evolution probability slots, Evolution Scroll slots, and other Command Buttons

Evolution probability slots
Your pets will evolve into another form randomly. In here, the forms they could evolve to are displayed. The probability of evolving into certain forms are also displayed. Below is the display of the pet to be evolved and the Evolve command button.

Evolution points are also showed. This refers to the point gained by the player when evolving pets and also by using Evolution scrolls. Evolution points are then exchanged to get a new egg, or if the player has enough, buy high rank pets.
Evolution Scroll slots
Displayed in here are all available evolution scrolls in the player's bag. Evolution scrolls are used to either increase or decrease evolution probability of pets.

Currently there are 3 types of evolution available in the Mall. Below are the scroll and their descriptions:
Green Evolution Scroll
Green Evolution Scroll
Blue Evolution Scroll
Blue Evolution Scroll
Purple Evolution Scroll
Purple Evolution Scroll
Increases the success rate of to a green spiritual beast by a certain degree. Using one adds 1 evolution point. Increases the success rate of to a blue spiritual beast by a certain degree. Using one adds 2 evolution points. Increases the success rate of to a purple spiritual beast by a certain degree. Using one adds 6 evolution points.
Other Command Buttons
Buy Scrolls
Opens the Mall interface where scrolls of different rank are displayed.
Shows the evolution tree of spiritual beasts.

For more information regarding this, please click here.
Shows the Evolution Point shop. In here, players can purchase eggs and evolved pets using required evolution points.

Spiritual Beast Slots

At start, players are given 2 slots for their pets. The number of slots correspond to the number of eggs, and subsequently pets a player can obtain. Players can then pay silver or gold to unlock more slots. At most, players can have 12 slots. Below are the cost of each slots:

  • 1 - Free
  • 2 - Free
  • 3 - 100,000 silver
  • 4 - 50 gold
  • 5 - 100 gold
  • 6 - 200 gold
  • 7 - 400 gold
  • 8 - 600 gold
  • 9 - 600 gold
  • 10 - 600 gold
  • 11 - 600 gold
  • 12 - 600 gold