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Team InterfaceEdit

It's the main interface for your crew. You can find most of your crew stats, gears, skills and BP(battle point) and other useful information. There is four main interactive buttons:

  • Left the Team - To send your crew which is no in use to retirement
    • (you need to remove all gear and S.Wpn to be able to do so).
    • (you refund 10% of the Souls you payed on Tavern-Ninjas)
  • Exchange - Swap items between any two characters.
  • Exp Inherit - Option for gold or Silver, lets tansfer 10-20% Exp from one ninja to another.
  • Remove all - Remover all items from chosen character.
  • Details - The statistics that determine the overall strength of a character.

As well as Equipment, Items and Accessories slots for changing gear and accessories or using exp scrolls.

Exp. Scrolls: Used to grant XP to the chosen character. (Can't be used on Main Character)

Small Scroll Med. Scroll Large Scroll Adv. Scroll Epic Scroll
Mini exp scroll Med exp scroll Large exp scroll Epic exp scroll Epic exp scrolll
1.000 EXP 4.000 EXP 20.000 EXP 100.000 EXP 500.000 EXP

Scroll Math: (thanks to nairam)

Scroll soul

( Note: These were the features of Team before the update of March 25 th,2014 and 10 th April 2014)

New FeaturesEdit

The new features addes to team are:

  • Accessories ( 10 th April, 2014 update )

Read more about Accessories

  • Exp-Inherit ( 17 th October, 2014 update )
Exp inherit 1

With the Exp Inherit Tab you can tranfer 10% or 20% Experience for Silver or Gold. You only can transfer Experience from a higher lvl ninja to a lower level ninja. After Transfer the higher lvl ninja is at his recuitment lvl.

  • Excample: Ninja A - Lvl 102 (rec. lvl 100) -> Ninja B - Lvl 74
    • after using Ninja A - lvl 100 / Ninja B - Lvl 76
  • Costs of Silver and Gold aswell the Amount of Inherited Exp is very varriable (no Table possible - maybe a math)