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Temari is the only daughter of the 4th Kazekage. She is the older sister of Gaara and Kankuro, and they are teammates. She always carrying a large fan, which is her weapon. She is good at long-ranged combat and battle tactics, but defeated by Shikamaru


Type Genjutsu
Formation Support
Weapon Scroll
Force 30 (Growth: 1.2)
Agility 60 (Growth: 1.5)
Chakra 60 (Growth: 1.6)
Health 60 (Growth: 1.3)


Chakra Talent Increase Chakra by certeain percentage. (15% Chakra)
Trap Attack enemy assaulter, growing rate 80%, there's a chance to control the enemy for 3 rounds.


50 Blue Souls in Tavern at Lv.50

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