Uchiha Sakura Small Grid

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Type Genjutsu Formation Support
Force 17000 Growth: 17.0 Chakra 20000 Growth: 20.0
Agility 20000 Growth: 20.0 Power 210000 Growth: 21.0
Talent Strength of Giants
Increase massive Agility and Chakra by percentage. Naturally has 65% Speed, 45% Damage Rate, and 45% Avoid-Injury Rate. When alive in formation, increase allies Speed by 55%, Attack Power by 20%, and HP by 30%. When attacked, 80% chance to Blind attacker for 1 round. Immune to Death Seed and Imprisonment.
Skill Full Bloom Cherry Rush
Attack all enemies with a 300% growth rate. 60% to Deter and or Petrify enemies for 2 rounds. Increase allies Avoid Injury-Rate by 25%. Decrease enemies Defence and Aid Rate by 30% for 2 rounds. Clear allies Debuffs. Recovers 100 Fury for the caster and 30 Fury for allies.

Note: These are translations and could very well be tweaked when released on English hosts.


Uchiha Sakura S.Atk
Uchiha Sakura Grid


  • Recruitable at Lv.90