Warm Hinata Small Grid

Hinata has many attractive properties, sweet, strong and so on. But what we shall appreciate the most is that Hinata will bring warm deep to our heart this christmas.




Type Great Jutsu Formation Vanguard
Force 150 Growth: 2.7 Chakra 150 Growth: 2.3
Agility 150 Growth: 2.5 Power 500 Growth: 2.9
Talent Bya Ku Yam
Gain Certain Amount of Defense,Have 10% Immune Rate
Skill Double Lion Punch
Attack all enemies growing rate 90%, give 70% Aid rate to Assaulters for 2 rounds.
Damage 60% Avoid-Injury 10%
Hit 115% S.Atk 0% Dodge 0% Block 0%
Crit 0% Knock 0% Counter 0% Immune 0%


Warm Hinata S.Attack


Obtained by Top 50 as a Rank Reward in the Christmas Event.


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