White Strength Sakura Small Grid
Sakura's attack form after releasing the 100 healings skill.

Cursed seals appear on Sakura's body, which allows Sakura to destroy the Uchiha clan's Absolute Defense, Susanoo.




Type: Taijutsu

Weapon: Kunai

Formation: Assaulter

Force - 300 (Growth 3.0)

Agility - 280 (Growth 2.6)

Chakra - 250 (Growth 2.4)

Health - 1000 (Growth 2.8)

Passive/Talent: White Strength Seal
Upgrade certain Force and Crit-rate by percentage
Skill: 100 Healings
Attack enemy's assaulter, 140% growth rate, recover own vanguard certain hp for 2 rounds (30% recovery rate), upgrade own assaulter 15% critical rate for 2 rounds, upgrade own support 25% accuracy for 2 rounds


  • (Top-up Event on New Chinese Server)
  • During the event players will be top-ranked in coins teach (gift gold not included in the former Top 50 ranked reward packs available after the Top 3 players recharge achieve gold, but also receive an additional one hundred animals [Ying]. 30 minutes before the end of the event will no longer be updated rankings, 10 minutes before the end of the awards by _ pieces.
Pic Source: here

Skill Attack

White Strength Sakura Grid
10628039 308118592713750 5900217647754059354 n
White Strength Sakura S.Attack


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